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Studio :: J'han selectively and temporarily licenses other entities to display or reproduce its managed property for the purposes of creating prints or replicas, publicly or privately displaying works of art, or other similar cases.  However, Studio :: J'han retains exclusive worldwide rights to all managed property, regardless of license, and the reproduction of items under license is expressly forbidden.  Ownership of an original work of art ("artwork"), not a photographic work of art ("photography"), is transferred to the purchaser at the completion of the transaction, but worldwide copyright is still retained and Studio :: J'han retains all rights and abilities therein.

Studio :: J'han sells digital editions of photography with a lifetime, single-use license that permits the ownership and use of the digital photograph by a single individual, and prohibits all forms of redistribution and reprinting.  All worldwide copyright is retained.  The digital photography license is for either personal or professional use, not both, and must be used in a manner that provides attribution upon display to any expected audience greater than fifty separate individuals over the entire course of its display.  The photographs may not be sold/resold or reprinted, except within the framework of another medium, such as a magazine or brochure.  Any expected print audience greater than ten-thousand separate individuals or any expected digital audience greater than fifty-thousand individuals must purchase a separate, large-scale digital license.  Further clarification can be found by contacting

Studio :: J'han permits the personal, non-professional use of photography of artwork on exhibition or display, with the strict condition that the images not be sold, professionally reproduced, printed in any manner other than for personal and private use, or any other activity that would constitute a violation of exclusive worldwide rights. 

In cases of Fair Use, Studio :: J'han requests notification, through, of any noteworthy use of its managed property.  Any questions regarding legitimate Fair Use activities, including clarifications, should also be directed to

updated February 18, 2018