Updates for January 14, 2018: New Art, Thank You, and Upcoming

Hey everyone!  Happy New Year!

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New Art

I've produced quite alot of art, since the last update:  

I'm proud of all of these pieces, especially since they demonstrate my exploration of sculpture and sculptural painting, alongside my continued pursuit of expressionist, surrealist, and abstract elements within both painting and drawing.

All of these new pieces are from my Acceleration Period, are available for purchase (except for The Hole), and have prints available.  

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive my art over the past few months, both in-person and online!  My Facebook Page and Twitter account have both seen an increase in likes/followers, as well as comments, shares, and everything else.  I appreciate all of the attention this brings to my art, because the art is my focus. 

Everyone I can reach with my art is another reason to keep producing.  Thank you!

(photo credit:  Jon Tyson via Unsplash )

(photo credit: Jon Tyson via Unsplash)


There will be more art, events, and shows in the near future, along with a surprise announcement or two, so stay tuned!