Updates for May 7, 2017: "Euphoria," a Birdhouse, and more

Hey everyone!

Welcome to May 2017 and the early start of the Summer!

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Euphoria is a new fine art painting in acrylics and ink on 40x30" canvas.  This surrealist and expressionist piece was inspired by our two girls, Major and Tallie:

Major loves her ball, they both love being outside, and they both love peanut butter treats (baked in a gingerbread man shape!).  Aspects of their interests, loves, and personalities are incorporated into this piece, as well as their actual pawprints:  Major's on the left and Tallie's on the right.  Euphoria is for them -- they were very happy to contribute!

Prints are available for Euphoria.

A Birdhouse

I decided to paint a birdhouse for my mother-in-law's birthday and this was the final result!  I applied my unique style and vision to the birdhouse with acrylics, using a polyurethane finish for weather protection.  The end result was good enough that I thought it was worth sharing. 

Although this birdhouse isn't an actual piece, it can also be found in my Sketchbook.

Become a Patron

As a reminder, I have a Patreon page to help fund the basics of creating my art (and soon to help with my MFA at American University!):  paints, inks, canvas, and more.   Not only will your support help me make more art, it will help me know there are those out there who enjoy what I produce, who feel through my work, and who can relate to my art.

Every little bit helps!

Thank You

Thank you, as always, for your support and attention!  Make sure to share my art with all of your friends and family.

Until next time...