Updates for March 26, 2017: "Cosmic", "Dream", and more

Hey everyone!

This is my second blog post with updates for March 26, 2017.  I have two new paintings out, an upcoming art show, and more!

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Cosmic is a new fine art painting in acrylics and ink on 30x40" canvas.  This surrealist and expressionist depiction of a galaxy incorporates a human eye and the meaning of my name (J'han:  "the universe") into a piece that explores my fascination with the unknown qualities and expansiveness of space.  The universe is full of possibilities awaiting discovery, something to which I relate.

As always, prints of Cosmic are available!


Dream is a new fine art painting in acrylics and ink on 36x36" canvas.  This surrealist and expressionist piece has a touch of the abstract in it, but also a slightly-hidden secret dreamscape in the upper-left!  Dream is my interpretation of dreams, their secrets, and the unexplored portions of the unconscious mind.  This state of unknown and exploration is represented by the falling/flying person and the soothing ethereal forest.

Just like Cosmic, there are prints available for Dream!

Pancakes and Booze Art Show

I'll be a featured artist next Thursday (April 6, 2017) from 7pm to roughly midnight at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Washington, D.C.  More details are available on the event page, but it should be a fun event.  I'm looking forward to meeting fellow artists, as well as current and future fans!

Thank You

Thank you for all the recent follows, likes/loves, comments, retweets, and more on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter!  I recently hit 100 likes on my Facebook page and 100 followers on Twitter:  thank you!  Make sure to share my art with all of your friends and family.

Until next time...