Updates for October 3, 2017: "Inner Struggle," "Boundless Rose," Artwork Discounts, American University, and more

Hey everyone!

It's now October, hopefully you're enjoying the Fall!

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New Artwork

I have two new pieces out:  Inner Struggle (pictured left) and Boundless Rose (pictured right)!

Both pieces are in acrylics and ink, but I'm now experimenting with bringing some sculptural and 3D elements to my work:  Inner Struggle has an embedded face sculpted out of stone clay and Boundless Rose has a silk rose captured in the canvas.

As usual, prints are available for both Inner Struggle and Boundless Rose!

Artwork Discounts

As of today, all unsold paintings and drawings from my Early Period are now on sale, for $50 or less per piece!  I'm accumulating too much art and I don't have enough space to hold it all, so I'd much rather my work go to good, caring homes.

Even with the flat-rate shipping and handling (so the piece safely arrives in prime condition!), you're still spending less than $200 on some fine art from my Early Period.

Go take a look and bring some of my art to your home!

American University

I'm now almost halfway through my first semester as a graduate student at American University pursuing an MFA in Studio Art!

Because of how fast my artwork is evolving, how much I'm learning, and how much I'm being exposed to, I'm calling my time as a graduate student my Acceleration Period.

I'll have more information soon about upcoming shows and much more artwork, so keep an eye out!

Fundraising Auction in Arlington, VA

On September 22, 2017, DividePersistence, and Storm were all successfully offered at auction to benefit the Blue Arlington Committee (the Arlington County Democratic Committee) and the party's local candidates for County Board and School Board.

It was a fun evening and it was great to see my art go to good homes, while benefitting a good political cause! 

A glimpse into my studio at American University...

A glimpse into my studio at American University...

Art Lessons

For at least the next two years, I'm offering private art lessons to anyone in the Northern Virginia and D.C. Metropolitan area.

If you're local, contact me if you're interested!


I just wanted to share with everyone that I now have an Etsy Shop!  I'm not doing much with it, at the moment, but it's there.

Go favorite me!

Thank You

Thank you, as always, for your support and enjoyment of my art!  Make sure to share my work with all of your friends and family.

See you in a few weeks...