2018-10 Jhan in NYC.jpg

Born in San Jose, California (1982) and currently living in Harlem (New York City), J’han is an emerging contemporary artist who works within sculpture, painting, and installation art, with a recognizably unique style best described as experimental and experiential, infused with expressionist, surrealist, and abstract elements.

J’han is a graduate of the MFA Studio Art program at American University (2019).  She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration summa cum laude from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (2017).

J’han was awarded a full scholarship in 2018 to the School of Art summer residency at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. She continues to show her work in various exhibits across the United States.

Driven by her creativity, informed by her curiosity, and inspired by her experiences:  for J’han, art is a way of life.