As a contemporary artist, I strive to create art that creatively explores difference. I am fascinated with combining elements to enhance aesthetic beauty while exploring the constraints and limitations of existence. I am a maker. I desire to push the utility of materials in order to influence both form and content. I am inspired by expressionist, surrealist, and abstract elements that I infuse within my artwork to create a powerful visual aesthetic by combining different materials and media.

I think about the human condition and how we all have an unique story: our situations and responses are essential to individual human existence. My use of twine symbolizes how I am entwined by my experiences, helping me to define who I have become. As the simple product of my environment, I did not know what I did not know.  I now understand, through my continued education, the power of choice. I transform the twine beyond its conventional purposes and force it to hold form. I create sculptures to express and explore both stories and emotions, in order to create urgency and purpose: in my sculptures, meaning exists beyond the sculpture’s nature as an object.  

I am interested in how viewers perceive artwork and how their perceptual experiences of the world outside justify beliefs. I am interested in the concept of beauty and how one comes to the decision that something is considered beautiful. I find the darkness and the unknown fascinating: fear and the unfamiliar produces an ugliness often associated with being bad or discomforting, particularly since humanity has been conditioned to fear the dark and what lies within it. I am also interested in the journey of the individual, in an attempt to understand what the experiences of the world are like and how key elements of life -- like conflict, loss, limitations, and uncertainty -- shape a person.  

I am also fascinated with the plasticity of plaster and the speed and accuracy necessary to manipulate it. I hand-build sculptures that I find represent personal affiliations with aspects of anatomy, such as strength, weight, imperfection, and deformity, which are all aspects of being human. By sharing my personal journey through my art, I seek to convey messages regarding the importance of difference, support, hope, and perseverance.

I aim to explore concepts involving the human condition, the ontology of beauty, and animism/pantheism. As I reflect on my own journey, key events and experiences were clearly a familiar part of my life experience. Loss, struggle, and challenges were persistent. My younger years had no sense of normalcy, even for basic needs like food or shelter: abuse, violence, and degradation were the norm. I often think about how limited my perspective once was, including how I was convinced that I could reach some form of normalcy that would enhance my quality of  life. Yet, my reality is that I struggle daily with being judged, as assumptions are made about my potential, intelligence, and abilities because of my skin tone, gender, and physical appearance. Although my sense of identity was previously restricted, my own identity prevailed, due to my ability to cope and to evolve. Through struggle comes empowerment: there is always opportunity for change and new beginnings.

Finally, I strive to present my artwork as a visual tool, with the intent to create an authentic dialog with the viewer, stimulate introspection, and initiate self-reflective discovery.

For me, art is a way of life.