I am interested in the individual.

I create sculptures that express and explore both emotions and relatable content. I want to look beyond the superficial and understand what's inside, to encourage conversations that help others to better understand who an individual is, by participating in an oral tradition and the sharing of stories.

I think about the human condition and how our everyday lives and significant events can affect how we develop as an individual. I, myself, understand that I am shaped by my experiences, but they do not define me. I have struggled and experienced many hardships, but I was able to adapt and evolve. I feel strongly that sharing stories and experiences can influence others while empathy and support can bring about change.

I handbuild using plaster and burlap upon a wood and aluminum amarature. As I manipulate the material, my own experiences and emotions manifest uniquely:  I do not use a reference but create from what I know. The twine works evolved by thinking about how not to force the transformation of the material, but, instead, focus on the visual lines, like I was drawing in three-dimensional space.

Because I believe the power of art can be a tool to encourage and inspire others, I aim to create an environment that is visually dynamic and visceral. This is what my work is about.

For me, art is a way of life.