As an artist, I strive to enrich my life and develop my work through experiential and experimental processes.  I am a maker, fascinated by how different materials can be combined to create a powerful visual aesthetic.  Discovery is important to my creativity.

I seek to break the boundaries of painting and sculpture to evolve the concepts of composition and meaning.

My art is about life:  the realities and extremes of what it means to be human.  The nature of my work hopefully inspires others to to reflect upon change and new beginnings, since my art shares my personal journey.

I struggle daily, due to my skin tone, gender, and physical appearance.  My youth had no sense of normalcy, even for basic needs like food or shelter:  abuse, violence, and degradation were the norm.  I have overcome the many challenges and harsh realities of my life.

My sense of identity was long restricted, but my ability to cope and to evolve my own identity prevailed:  despite everything, I am now an artist.  Every day, I seek ways to continue my growth, with art ever as my outlet.

Ultimately, I seek to represent individuality, uniqueness, and unbounded possibility.